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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello Good People!

I know. I know. It has been ages & ages since I have blogged. I kind of have an excuse. I now have a beautiful baby girl!!! Who would have thought that after 17 years of marriage, we would have a beautiful baby girl?!

Baby Hope was born August 31, 2007 by c-section...unplanned c-section. This was a high risk pregnancy due to hypertension. I was on Level II bedrest from the end of March 2007 until the first week of August due to placenta previa. I was on Level III bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy due to a pre-existing problem with hypertension that was aggravated with the pregnancy. Level II bedrest meant that I was permitted bathroom privileges and permitted to sit up and drive to my appointments and to make myself a sandwich (permitted to be on my feet for a short time. Other than that, I had to lay on my left side. When I was on Level III bedrest, I was permitted only bathroom privileges. My Mom-in-Law, a retired nurse, came and helped me during this time. That was a very humbling experience. My Father-in-Law came and helped me drive to my many doctor appointments. Both in-laws were an encouragement to my dh while on bedrest. Some days were very scary for him also. I am so thankful for them. My Mom cooked meals and fed all of us at this time. I am so thankful for her.

And, I am thankful for my daughter which we named Hope Celeste.

I might add that I had a sensational iced tea today. It was an organic white tea with mango. OH! It was so fabulous!!!

Anyhoo, I will be posting baby pictures soon!!!



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hello Good People!

Today, I am greatful for the best ever quilting templates known as Ardco Quilting Templates. I don't have permission to post their webpage here, so you'll have to google them to find them. They are FABULOUS for hand piecing & hand quilting. They are aluminum, and they have sand attatched to the back, so they don't slip & slide around on your fabric as you trace your template.

Today, I drank some of that sun tea I made yesterday. It was FABULOUS!!! It made me think of watching my Grandma putting out a big glass jar filled with water outside. She would put plastic wrap on top with bags of tea floating on top and the tags of tea bags waving off the top. A thick rubber band, like the kind that comes with fresh broccolli, secured the plastic and the tea bags. And, I'd peak outside at the water in the jar transform into that beautiful amber color in the dry California heat. Now, my Grandma was from the South but moved to California in midlife. She knew and loved her sun tea. As I recall, she loved her tea sweet, lots & lots of sugar...sweet, like my Grandma.

I'm thankful for my Grandma. She's in her 80s, and she calls me periodically from sunny California, asking me how the pregnancy is going. As I said, she's so sweet. I'm amazed again and again to give her a positive report. She tells me again she's praying for me. I think Grandma prayers are extra special.

I am thankful for Ardco Quilting templates, sun tea, my Grandma, and a good pregnancy.

May you all be blessed today!



Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, I know that it has been absolutely ages since I've blogged. I was thankful for the beautiful Western Pennsylvania Fall this year. I noticed that in our small town, the yellow maple trees hung onto their leaves the longest. Long after the red maples and other brilliant colored leafed trees had dropped their leaves, these sturdy yellow maple leaves shone bright. You could see the yellow leaves glowing as if on fire between the empty boughs that had long since dropped their leaves in the wind. I am thankful for trees that hold their beautiful leaves later than the rest.

I am 39, and this past January, I have discovered that after 17 years of marriage and primary infertility, I am pregnant without medical intervention. Today, I am 13 weeks pregnant, something I never thought possible. But, I know that with God all kinds of things are possible. I am amazed at how many people are praying for me during this time. I am so thankful for this miracle pregnancy in my life.

I have had to curb my use of herbal teas during this time of pregnancy. And, I have had some troubles with blood pressure. So, I have had to cut down on my tea consumption.

But, today, I'm planning to put a small jar of water and bags decaff tea outside to make some lovely sun tea. Here's a fun hint: put one bag of mint in with your suntea for a refreshing minty taste.

Lovely yellow leaves, a miracle pregnancy, minty sun tea ~ there are so many things to be thankful for today.

Praying God's blessings upon you all today.



Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello Good People!

It's time for tea with QuiltedHeart! So, go get that cup of tea and join me in a little blogging!

Yesterday was Taco Salad dinner day. I made a mistake. I went to my 'fridge and discovered I had no turkey burger - my secret ingredient (Oh! I guess it's not so secret now!). Then, I went to the cupboard and discovered that I had not kidney beans - my other secret ingedient in taco salad meat. I forgot that my sour cream went bad and had to throw it out. I had no black olives, also. Lastly, I did not have any taco shells or taco chips to put into the base of my salad. AND, I didn't have the envelope of taco seasoning that I thought was going to be in the cupboard. I was thinking that this is no basis for a taco salad! To complicate things, I had about $4.50 in the old wallet. That's it!

What to do....

So I prayed.

Prayed? Yes, prayed. I heard that still quiet voice that told me not to worry. He would provide.

So, I took my $4.50 and went to the cheapest store I knew. I got frozen turkey burger ($.79). I got black olives ($.99). I got taco chips ($.99). I felt impressed to go to another store. There, I found chili beans on sale ($.99) and taco seasoning in an envelope (only $.25!).

The only thing I didn't have was the sour cream. Wow. No sour cream. So, my dh called on the way home from work. Did I need anything from the store? SOUR CREAM! God used my dh to provide! So that's how my dinner got made properly yesterday.

Here's my taco salad recipe, frugal and easy! The turkey burger reduces the cholesterol content:

1 lb turkey burger
1 - 14 oz can diced tomato
1 - 6 oz can tomato paste
1 1.25 oz packet Taco Seasoning Mix
1/4 cup water
1 - 16 oz kidney beans (I used chili beans this time!)

1 small onion, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced

2 medium fresh tomatoes, chopped
Iceburg Lettuce, shredded
Grated CoJack Cheeze
Lowfat Sour Cream
Sliced Black Olives

Brown turkey burger. Drain fat. Take out of pan and set aside.

In that same pan, saute onion, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, and garlic. Add add browned turkey burger. Add canned diced tomatoes, tomato paste, taco seasoning, and kidney beans. Take 1/4 cup water, pour part into diced tomatos & tomato paste can to rinse out the can & add to the mixture in the pan. Cook on low heat until thouroughly cooked and thickened.

Arrange Salad on plate in this manner: First, lettuce, then chips then taco meat mixture, then cheeze. Garnish with salsa chips on the perimeter of salad. Top with sour cream and sliced black olives.



I have much to be thankful for...a wonderful taco salad last night & a thoughtful husband. What are you thankful for today?



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hello Good People!

It's time for tea! So, poor up a cup of tea in your best china cup, and join me for a bit of a chat. For me, my tea will be an herbal infusion or decaffeinated tea since I'm so sensitive to caffeine. I simply adore decaffeinated Earl Grey!!!! I find myself drinking chamomile lately. I honestly don't like coffee at all. How about you? What's your favorite tea?

Well, now that I've sipped some tea, it's time to quilt for a while. I continue to work on my Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt. It is entirely hand pieced. It will also be hand quilted. I have been using an English Paper Piecing method that has worked for me quite well.

I have much to be thankful for today. A lovely cup of tea. A beautiful quilt project to occupy my time. What are you thankful for today?

I pray all is well with all of you. May you be blessed today!!!!